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Bugs - 22b

Below is a list of bugs that have been entered when they have been discovered.

Drag and Drop in scrolling pages

It would seem that drag and drop to scrolling pages stopped working in 2.22b.

Reported here

Drag and Drop to Folders Bug

Drag and Drop to Folders does not work in 2.22b

Problem resolved in 2.23b1

Extension Conflict with Fast Dial and Tab Mix Lite

The Firefox Extension Tab Mix Lite interferes with Fast Dial opening in New Tabs

Links to this problem





Extension conflict with Tab Mix Plus and Fast Dial

There seems to be a real problem with Fast Dial when using Tab Mix Plus.

This problem was posted in a thread here

Symptoms are really bad...

It would seem that Tab Mix Plus Version resolves the matter

This problem was seen while using Firefox 3.6b1

Fast Dial and Firefox 3.5 - Not a confrimed bug but has been reproduced -

The developer telega is unwell at the moment.

There have been a whole number of reports of problems with Fast Dial 2.22b/2.23b1 and Firefox 3.5/3.5.1

The symptoms are that the Fast Dial suddenly presents just a Blank Page with no cells visible.

If one looks in Bookmarks one discovers that all the bookmarks from the Fast Dial Root Folder (Fast Dial) have ended up in Unsorted Bookmarks.
The Fast Dial Folder seems to be populated by a random selection of bookmarks.

It is quite unclear what triggers this sudden transformation.


I would strongly recommend the regular backup of your Full Firefox Profile with FEBE as a way of safeguarding your Fast Dial (as well as your Firefox Profile).

It would seem that one can adopt different Approaches to resolving this problem, which is essentially a corruption of Bookmarks.[places.sqlite]

Approach 1

This is the method we have been recommending on this site as a result of feedback from users.
(see here and here)

Joe Blogs paraphrased this method very well on AMO


Fast Dial Lost Icons Fix

This is what you do,delete nothing.

Start Fire Fox.
Click Bookmarks.
Click organise bookmarks.
Click import and back-up.
Click restore
Choose the latest date when it was working, i.e Yesterday.

It's back now.
Like it never happened. ;-)

Thanks JoeBlogs


I have tested this method and it seems to work fine for restoring Fast Dial.


For a more detailed description of this same procedure please see here


Bookmarks are automatically backed up in more recent Versions of Firefox, so you should be able to find an earlier backup of Bookmarks, even though you yourself made no backup.

If on doing the above Fast Dial is still blank, the please see which folder in Bookmarks contains your Root Cells and if the Folder is called Fast Dial or your orignal Root Folder name, then please do the following:

Please see here

This worked for me in this situation.


For Russian users please see here

Approach 2

Used by Ria Klaassen here [for the more technically minded perhaps]

This essentially is the same as Approach 1 but uses a different and perhaps more elegant technique to arrive at the same end.

I could solve the problem by deleting the file places.sqlite in my profile.
Then it imported automatically a bookmarks backup. Deleting places.sqlite will
make you lose your history.

For more details on how to do this please see here


I have tested this Method.
Works just fine
Fast Dial was back as before.

For a more detailed description from Mozilla about this whole procedure see here

If on doing the above Fast Dial is still blank, ( I experienced this once) then please see which folder in Bookmarks contains your Cells and if the Folder is called Fast Dial or your original Root Folder name, then please do the following:

Please see here

This worked for me in this very situation.

Approach 3 (found on AMO)

This involves copying all the Fast Dial bookmarks that have ended up in Unsorted Bookmarks (this seems to happen every time) into a new Fast Dial Folder.
Excellent and Very clear description

Please find here

(uploaded to Userlogos)

Many users have found this system works fine for them.
But for user simplicity my impression is that Approach 1 or 2 are less involved.

Approach 4

Others have found it sufficient to simply uninstall and reinstall Fast Dial.
But this is less common.

For users of XMarks (Previously Foxmarks) there is a detailed and helpful post on AMO.
I have uploaded it to Userlogos.
Please find here

In an effort to centralise this question in one thread, I am listing below links to reports of this problem.

The developer telega has tried to reproduce the problem without success.

All feedback most welcome, this needs sorting fast !!

Userlogos Threads

I upgraded to Fast Dial 3.5 and all cells empty - may 25

FD and FF 3.5 - june 6
includes bug report

fast dial draws link from history - june 8

Does this happen to anyone else - june 14

My Fast Dial is Blank - june 25

Null color and blank cells - june 25

Firefox 3.5 - june 30

Fast Dial 2.22b konnte nicht installiert werden - july 7

Fast Dial not working with new Firefox 3.5 - July 14

Lost all my fast dial Bookmarks - July 23

Fast Dial does not work in 3.5 - July 25

AMO (Mozilla Addons)

There are many users with problems

- Russian Instructions

This is a Russian user recommending the download of Version 2.23b1.
Install he says and then restore earlier Bookmarks.

УРА работает и в Лисе 3.5....

Качаем http://mafi0z.com/FD2.23b1-FF3.5.xpi
Версия 2,23b1. После установки идем: Закладка - Управление закладками - Импортированные и резервирование - Восстановить и выбираем бекам предыдущего дня.
И все у нас работает.

Thanks Azoff

-Detailed AMO Post-Invader BN

Found this very detailed post on AMO

I am posting it here to see if it sheds some light on the whole problem.

Personally I would recommend the bookmarks restore method.
It is much more straightforward.

But the logic of this is impeccable and it has been shown to work

Fastdial bookmarks missing; blank page; gone; poof! Firefox 3.5
Rated 5 out of 5 stars by TheInvaderBN on July 4, 2009

I noticed a lot of people complaining about all their bookmarks missing, the same thing happened to me after i installed ff3.5 (i was left with a blank page) - But, thank goodness its very easy to fix.

Who knows what the heck happened to the FastDial folder, but it seems to be corrupt somehow.

Here's the cure for this strange disease!! :P

1. Delete the corrupt fast dial folder from your bookmark menu. (bookmarks/organize bookmarks/bookmark menu)
2. Uninstall FastDial and restart firefox
3. Quickly fly down to mozilla and re-install FastDial - (then restart ff again)
4. Now you should see a bunch of empty boxes
4. All you deleted bookmarks should be in the 'Unsorted Bookmarks' folder. (bookmarks/organize bookmarks/Unsorted Bookmarks)
5. Just click inside the area where the URLs are, and hit Ctrl+A to select all of them.
6. Drag them into the FastDial folder (just located under the bookmark menu)
7. Open a new tab and all your bookmarks should be back around.

Uptional: If you notice some old bookmarks showing up in your thumbanails, they've probably been in the unsorted bookmarks folder for a while, and you've just copied them into the fastdial folder. So, to get rid of them... you know what to do ;)

I hope this helps anyone looking for a solution.

Thanks InvaderBN !

Fast Dial and Firegestures

Hello, if you are an user of firegesture and you want use Fast Dial with it :
Go in menus : Tools > Complementary Modules > FireGestures > Links > Add script, and write :


Name : Fast Dial

Script :
const URL = "chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html";
const IN_NEW_TAB = true;
const IN_BACKGROUND = false;
gBrowser.loadOneTab(URL, null, null, null, IN_BACKGROUND, false);

Gesture : What you want ^^

Ok > Ok

Enjoy ;)

Fast Dial not opening in New Tab caused by AVG Firefox Extension

A Fast Dial user contacted Userlogos reporting that he could not open Fast Dial in a New Tab with CTRL-T.

see here

When he clicked on CTRL-T he got the AVG Yahoo search option instead.

It would seem that the AVG Security Toolbar Firefox Extension is responsible for this.

To resolve this problem please follow the instructions posted on the AVG Site here

A further post on a Mozilla Forum Page about this matter here

Many thanks

No Firefox throbber in Toolbar bug

It would seem in Version 2.22b that sometimes if there is no throbber in the Toolbar, that for some reason this impedes Firefox opening from a link, such as there might be in email.

The bug was first reported on UL here

This does not seem to be a fully reprocuceable bug, so it may be caused by a contirbution from yet another element.

Null Border Top Width Error in Fast Dial 2.22b

A number of users of 2.22b have experienced this error

At the moment it is unclear if it is a bug, or whether it is simply caused by users entering zero values by mistake.


This error will occur if a zero value is entered in the cell quantity field.

telega made the following comment in relation to this problem.

Check what values you have specified for thumbnails "Quantity" option in Preferences > General. I think you might put a zero value there. Currently I don't have another idea of why this might happen.


The first thing that can be done is to try and alter manually the quantity value in Preferences General.

You can either access Preferences by right clicking on Fast Dial,or alternatively going to Add-ons and selecting Options in Fast Dial.


If you find you cannot change the Quantity value in Preferences, then please try clicking on the reset defaults in Preferences/General and see if that clears the null value:


If for some reason that still does not work please try the following.

Resetting Fast Dial settings in about:config


So what we are trying to do is to remove the zero value that has somehow got into the cell size field.


Please check to see if any of the above has the desired effect.


Regarding uninstalling and reinstalling, it is not at all clear why this should resolve this particular problem.
So it is not highly recommmended as a solution to this problem.
But it did work for one user.

Might be worth trying uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of times if none of the above procedures have any effect.

Many thanks

OK Cupid Plugin/Extension Conflict - Fast Dial

Reports appeared on UL from user lili that the OKCupid Plugin impedes screenshots working in Fast Dial

Please see this thread


To download the OK Cupid Toolbar


This link is for research purposes only.
Download is not recommended.

Neither telega or myself have been able so far to reproduce the problems experienced by this user.

The reason for this is at this moment remains quite unclear.

Many thanks

For reference only


Scrolling Bug

Scrolling will not work in 2.22b if the Fixed setting is selected for cell size.

Groups/Folders in Fast Dial

A useful function I had not been aware of in Fast Dial 2.22b

Right click on a Group Cell

And click on "open all".

This will open all the cells in the group in different tabs in one move.

This is a useful feature.

Will insert this somehow into 2.22b Tutorials later...

Preferences - Complete

There is a lot you can do with Preferences in FD 2.22b.
It is here that you can customise your Fast Dial to take on the appearance you want.

Right click on the Fast Dial page brings up the Preferences Menu:

The first page is Preferences General

These are the setting for the layout of cells on your Fast Dial Page
3x6 for example would be three cells along by six cells down.

This is the setting for the size of the Fast Dial cell.
The value that is alterable is the length.
The height is computed automatically.
This is done to conserve the aspect ratio of the cell.

The size setting is a global setting in 2.22b

Fixed or not Fixed

If you use Fixed this allows you to Fix accurately the size or your cells, that will not then change

Fixed is a global setting

Hide Search Bar
This is fairly self explanatory.
Hides the Fast Dial Search Bar from View

Hide Empty Boxes
Fast Dial cells are set out in a grid.
This setting allows you to hide any cells that are not being used, so creates more space on your Fast Dial Page

Hide back links

Back links are the cells that are created in Folders/Groups (top left of the page) to enable the user to return to the previous cell used before entering the group.
They have a back arrow in them as default
Some users do not want for particular layout reasons so they can hide with this setting

Open in
The open in setting refers to how the Fast Dial Cells open.
So if you click on a Fast Dial cell you have the option to open the cell in Current Tab, New Tab, Background Tab.
The top setting (current tab) is blank in 2.22b.
This is most unclear.
Altered in next Version.

Shortcut Key

Connection Speed

Show Fast Dial in New Tabs







Preferences Appearance Page


Preferences Appearance Search


Preferences Appearance Theme


Preferences Appearance Thumbnail


Preferences Appearance Title


Preferences General


Properties - Complete

Properties Advanced


Properties General


Search Engines


Adding New Search Engines to Fast Dial / Firefox

Sometimes in Fast Dial or in Firefox you may think, damn I wish I had a Search Engine for XXXXX !!

Happened to me.

I wanted Ebay.co.uk as well as Ebay.com

Well there is this wonderful site

Mycroft Project

All you need to do is to go to that site, look for your search engine

Screenshot_-_20_01_2009_,_19_09_59.png - upload images with Picamatic

and click to download

Screenshot_-_20_01_2009_,_19_15_20.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Could not be easier

So hey presto your downloaded Search Engine will appear as another option in Firefox and or Fast Dial

And yes, you guessed, Mycroft have their own search engine as well.

So you can search for a search engine with a search engine.:-)

Very well organised and simple to use site.

Setting the Fast Dial Folder as Home in Bookmarks

A number of problems have arisen recently with users finding that they were in the incorrect Folder in Bookmarks.
(Version 2.22b/2.23b1)

Here are some links to examples of this problem


The way to reset the Fast Dial Folder is the following:

Go Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks/Bookmarks Menu

You should then be able to see the Fast Dial Folder

Right click on the folder and select Fast Dial Make home in the context menu

This will as it were put the Root Folder of Fast Dial in the correct Folder in Bookmarks.


telega is working in the next Version of Fast Dial to find a way to avoid this particular problem


Please see here