Tab Effect

This was one of my favourite extensions

Used to work just fine on Firefox 2

Troubleshooting at the moment to work on Firefox 3

I will write this when I have resolved the problem



1 link

(alter the speed of tab effect


Notes I am working on just now:

If you are having problems with getting Tab Effect to work there is most likely an issue with your direct x or your graphics Card.

The best way to check this is to go to start > Run and type in dxdiag. Check the notes at the bottom of each tab and see if there is a problem. The display tab will most likely contain problems in its notes. If so install your graphics card manufacturer driver plus any updates for it directly from the manufacturer website. Once you have done this restart your computer and go back to dxdiag. Check the display notes and the driver problem should be fixed. Now check the Directdraw and direct3d functions by clicking the test for each one. This should now fix your problem.

If you still have an issue. Check the version of your Direct x in the system tab of dxdiag. If it says version not found then you will need to install direct x again. If after installing or you are having problems reinstalling direct x then go to start > run type regedit - go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT>DIRECTX

Right click Direct x and go to permissions. Ensure you select Full control for administrator and any other account. If your account is not there add it to the list by clicking add and typing your account name then click check name and add it. click ok

Ensure that there is a value for the registry Key data on the right. If not right click default and then modify. type 4.09.0000.0904 then click ok.

The final thing to to would be to right click the direct x folder on the left and select new > string value. Right click the version key that has appeared and modify its data to 4.09.0000.0904

You should now see your direct x version in dxdiag and oh yes Tab effect should work!