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I find this Program really excellent for making images of the screen.

It has many many functions.

I will outline here the basic functions that enable one to take a picture of the whole or part of the screen.


A quick tutorial on your first use:

1. Start Screenshot Captor and press the close button to minimize it to the system tray if it's not already configured to do so.
2. You should see a blue monitor icon in your tray letting you know it's running and ready.
3. By default Screenshot Captor is configured to capture the entire screen when you hit the PrtScr button, so do that.
4. You should hear a capture sound and see the tray icon turn momentarily red.
5. Your screenshot has now been captured and saved to a file.
6. Take some more screenshots if you like. You can try alt+PrtScr to capture only the currently active window, or right-click on the tray icon to select additional capture modes.
7. Each time you capture an image it is saved to a file.
8. Double click the tray icon to bring up the full Screenshot Captor interface. Your screenshots will be shown as thumbnails on the left panel, with the last screenshot taken already selected and displayed.
9. From here you can easily select a region and crop your images, add effects and comments, and then save the images someplace permanent (or drag and drop from the thumbnail display to someplace more permanent, or copy and paste the image to the clipboard).


I will describe with pictures what I find the easiest way to use this program.

The settings in the program are extremely complex and well outside the scope of what I want to show you.

The only settings worth making to get startede are the three here.

Screenshot_-_06_11_2008_,_23_55_03.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


To take a picture I use Fn (Function) and Prt Scr (Print Screen)


This is now a little tiresome because well like a camera it is not easy to take pictures of itself

Let us look at this screen

Screenshot_-_07_11_2008_,_00_11_23.png - Picamatic - upload your images

This can be broken down into the following:

scLabels.png - Picamatic - upload your images