3rd Party Extensions & Services

Accessing Gmail with Gspace from Firefox / Fast Dial

Please also see Mafia Penguin's Tutorial Using Gspace


Gspace is a really useful tool.
It allows you to store those really essential files for use after a crash.

A sort of disc drive in the sky, that one can access almost as easily as ones Gmail account

What gspace does is to enable one to use the free space in one's gmail acoount to store files.
The files are stored as attachments in the mail

It is clear that one needs to have a Gmail email account in order to use gspace

1. Download the Firefox Extension

One can go to thiis URl and download "Gspace"


Similarly one can just go to AMO and download the Gspace extenision.

The result is the same

This Firefox Extension allows one to access gmail/gspace easily

2. Logging in to gspace

Once one has loaded the extension on can access GS by going Tools/Gspace

This takes one to the Gspage Page.
(it somehow reminded me of using Laplink )
Looks like this:
(click to expand)
Screenshot_-_17_11_2009_,_02_33_47.png - Picamatic - upload your images

The important thing first of all is to somehow log into Gspace.

On the gspace page click on Manage accounts

You will see this popup menu

In gmail ID enter one's gmail email address

Enter also one's gmail account password and select remember password

Hit add and then close popup (top right)

Next time you log onto gsave you should see your email appear to the right of the words Manage Accounts.

To login click on Login

Once one has logged in if one has any files in Gspace they will become visible

(I did see it mentioned somewhere that it is helps to have the following setting enabled in Gmail
Don't always use https)

Once one is logged in things are much easier

3. Gspace and Fast Dial

The first thing one notices is that ones url when logged in to Gspace becomes:

So one is actually accessing a file in the Gspace extension in the Firefox Profile, in order to interface with Gmail

For Fast Dial users this is important to know , as it allows one to set the URL for a cell with this URL and not bother anymore with Tools/gspace.
I found it necessary to put a Logo in the cell otherwise the cell refreshes endlessly.

To find a good Fast Dial logo search UL Logos under Gspace


(For other information on Chrome URLs and Fast DIal please see loading Chrome URLs into a Fast Dial cell)

So now one is set up and on can discover the real use of gspace.

4. Using Gspace

The left space one can browse to whatever part of one computer one wants
on the right space are the gspace files
One can make directories, open them and simply copy from left to right (or right to left) by pressing the arrows.

When files are being transferred there is a display that shows the progress

It is useful to remember that there is a refresh icon and that one can refresh the directories as one sees fit.

5. Setting up filters in Gmail to filter out Gspace messages coming to your inbox. (they are archived)

You may well notice gspace messages turning up in your Inbox

There are clear instructions as to how to set up the filter in Gmail

Tried this.
Gmail seems to reconise the mail to filter, but still turns up in my pop3 mail
Have not resolved this yet

Some links to gspace articles on the net




Base64 image decoder /image maker

This is about a useful little Windows program for making an image out of a Base64 string.

To download the program please go here


This is what the program looks like


Using the program

Find your code, select and copy paste into the base64 window.

The first thing to realise is that with this decoder the string that you should enter should be stripped of everything except the bas64 code itself
Nothing else

so none of this:data:image/png;base64

See image above.

Be careful about this
Head and tail.

Best to edit this stuff out in the Base64 window as it easy to control, even with large amounts of code


Find it best to save to a particular file in a particular folder

To do this go to search select a folder and name your file and hit save

Once you have named your file and the address of the file is showing in the window hit decode.

And you are done

Hopefully, you should then find your image waiting for you in the Folder that you saved to.

Good luck !

Colorzilla Not Available Yet

This has been a long time coming.

Pictures are slowly returning to Picamatic

Must have a go at this one soon....


To download Coolpreviews please go here

Cool previews works very well where there are a lot of images and you want to get an enlarged Preview.

So very good with the new Google image search

But also interesting to use with Fast Dial, as it opens not the Logo, but the URL that the cell refers to.

So in simple terms one can use Coolpreviews like a sort of active Fast Dial Preview.

For example you have the Fast Dial cell that is for Userlogos.

To the left of the cell and above you will see the blue Coolpreviews Icon.

If you click on the CP icon then not only do you find yourself in a sort of mini fast dial preview window, but the window itself is active.

This is faster than opening a new tab, and allows you to check quickyly how things are going in the site, and at the same time keep your Fast Dial page intact.

One can close the (cool)preview window easily with a click to top right close window.

The only shame is that the Coolpreviews window is unaffected by Pitaschio.

That is it cannot be closed with a quick click to the top of the window, and neither can it be made transparent.
Neither have I found a way yet to vary the preview window size

Good luck.

(If picamatic was alive and well I would have included some pictures)

Detailed Instructions how to Load a Style into Stylish from UL

For more general information about Stylish please see here


Typically Styles written for Stylish are simply downloaded from Userstyles.

Find the Style you want and click load into Stylish and all is done


However on this site we have a number of inhouse Styles.

To Load these one has to go though the following steps

1. Download Stylish

2. Copy all the text of the Style from the UL page

3. Open Stylish Manage Styles Window

4. Click on write

5. Paste in the text that you have copied.

6. Name the file

7. Save the file

8. If you get any errors it would suggest that you might have missed some detail when you selected the text, so please try again


Will expand this page with pictures, links and further text this evening


Excellent Instruction page on Tab Mix Plus

I found this excellent instruction page for Tab Mix Plus

I thought I would save the link here for reference


Foxtab and Fast Dial

Going to write a little about this
Researching at the moment.

To download Foxtab please go here:


Full Profile Backup with FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

Details about Chuck Baker's Firefox Extension FEBE can be found at Mozilla Addons

Latest Version can be found there too

This is a useful tutorial by Chuck Baker


For a more General Introduction to FEBE on Userlogos please see here

Here I will outline how to set up FEBE to make a Full Profile Backup.

First go FEBE Options and select Full Profile Backup

It is also necessary to set up a Location where the Full Profile Backup can be saved to.

So First create a Folder and then Browse to it here:

I can recommend the date stamping and also to have a number of backup directories if there is enough room on your device.

Once FEBE has been set up to make a Full Profile Backup all you need to do to initiate a backup is to click on the FEBE Icon in Firefox

and the backup will start

To restore a Full Profile Backup in Version 6.2.0 please do the following

And follow the prompts

GMail Redesigned

Gmail redesigned appeared originally as a Style in Stylish

Please see gumanov's post here

This original software was produced by
Evgeney Naverniouk

At some point the author to abandoned the Style and instead made into a Firefox extension

to download please go here

The style was made just to alter the formatting and fonts of GMail
Which now it effects other google pages as well.

I have just learnt from Mafia_Penguin that Google has changed it's image search. It is a big improvement.

Help with using Stylish

Apoloigies I see that most of the links on this page need updating...

This is a collection of links that I have put together for those interested in using the Firefox Extension Stylish

Download Stylish


Stylish Edit Window Tutorial by ChoGGi


ChoGGi's Guide to using Stylish Tutorial


Custom Userstyle made just for viewing ChoGGi's Guide to using Stylish by whatrevolution


whatrevolution's Guide to using Stylish Tutorial


Valacar's Specificity Guide Thread/Tutorial


Best way to design with Stylish Interview
Globex designs


Stylish Forum


How to make your Fast Dial / Firefox page transparent with the help of Pitaschio

Learned about Pitaschio today from Jumpordie in this thread

This is a great discovery !

Not only will Pitaschio allow you to make your Fast Dial Page transparent, it will allow you to make any Firefox page transparent, in fact any windows app transparent, so you can see your desktop and any other stuff running underneath....

However it is important to realise that this does not just effect the Fast Dial background, but the whole Firefox page.

So the Logos in the Fast Dial cells are made transparent as well

To download Pitaschio please go here

Pitaschio download and install information

Pitaschio Manual from Home page

Very helpful link about Pitaschio

Another helpful link

Yet another great link


Once you have configured Pitaschio it runs in the background,

If one runs the pitaschio program itself or if one right clicks the Pitasccio Icon in the System Tray and clicks on settings

one is offered a configuration menu

If you look on this configuration menu you can see the transparency setting.
Adjust transparency by wheel
It is set to on by default

scroll the centre wheel of the mouse while over the title bar at the top of the windows page and you should be able to vary transparency,

see below under Transparency

click on Setting of Mouse shortcuts (bottom right) and this menu appears:

The great thing about how this program is made, is not only does it offer all these mouse shortcut options as default, but you can most easily modify tthe settings to your own personal preference and apply, thereby have your own custom settings tailored to your own needs.

click on setting of autoraise and this little menu appears

click on manage windows and this menu appears:


It would appear that to alter the transparency of any windows application it is only necessary to move the centre wheel on the mouse while the cursor is over the windows titlebar at the top of the page of the application one is in

to quote:

I’ve saved the best for last. This is by far the feature I use the most. On the fly transparency adjustment for most windows (I say most because there are possibly some windows that don’t like being forced transparent but I haven’t come across any yet).

Not only is this feature useful it is also very easy to use: you simply place your mouse cursor over the title bar of a window and scroll the mouse wheel. Up for less transparent, down for more transparent. And to prevent windows getting lost, Pitaschio includes a transparency limit but even then the window is very hard to see.

It is worth noting that Pitaschio does not come with an installer
The result of this is that Picaschio does not load automatically in Windows on startup.
So has to be reset if transparency is wanted in Firefox.

To get round this:

Startup Folder

If you would like to run Pitaschio whenever you use windows, I recommend that you put shortcut to the Pitaschio.exe in the Startup Folder of Windows. The location of the Startup Folder is as follows:

c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

This seems to work well, especially if one is also showing Pitaschio Icon in the System tray..
Very easy then to access settings

Pitaschio enables the setting up of a whole lot of other settings in relation to the mouse.
Double click minimise (size remembered) double click maximise, on the windows titlebar, is very useful;

If you wish to set up Pitaschio to run in Launchy, please see below

I set up Pitaschio to run in Firefox using the Firefox Extension Launchy.

Maybe this is not necessary, but I like to run windows apps in this way.

So added this string to the launchy.xml in chrome

C:\Program Files\Pitaschio\Pitaschio.exe

I do not know into which folder you will load Pitaschio in windows, so please check that your own location is matched by a correct string for your setup before saving your xml file

Once the xml is set up and working, click on the Launchy icon in Firefox and select Pitaschio to run

It is interesting to note that if one hovers on the Pitaschio icon in the tray that it gives the age of the moon...

Pitaschio is the creation of a free spirit

Importing/Exporting Taboos

Taboo is a great extension. But sometimes, you have to get rid of your profile, or you want to move your Taboos to another profile.

To do this, simply copy your entire "Taboo" folder
taboo.JPG - Picamatic - upload your images
from your profile
The location of your profile folder
into your new profile.

Interesting Lifehacker Fast Dial Page

LifeHacker.png - Picamatic - upload your images


The link to this page was suggested by sjdvda here


The Lifehacker page on Fast Dial is here


There are fair number of posts on this site with questions about Fast Dial

It's All Text

It's all Text is extremely useful.


Home Page


It's all Text is a facilator, a link.

It allows you to use you favourite Text editor, just where you thought you could never use it .

To set up It's All Text all you need to do is the following:


The next all important step is to set up in IAT which Text editor you want to use with IAT

Screenshot_-_01_11_2008_,_06_39_40.png - Picamatic - upload your images

There are many Text Editors

I happen to like
EditPad Classic

There is also EditPad Lite

Many technical users really like

The great thing about It's all Text is that you can chose any Text Editor you want.

The single most useful place for IAT's use has to be the
Stylish Manage Styles Window


For the moment I find that any later version of IAT than 0.8.5 does not appear in the Stylish window

Screenshot_-_01_11_2008_,_06_59_09.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


Let us imagine you want to use Valacar's Google Image dark grey redesign

You will need however to change the code to use for any another country but America.
That means changing in the code every example of Google.com to your own country code.
This could be a major hassle.

Download to Stylish
Copy paste to Editor
Copy from editor.
Open original Style.
Remove previous content
Paste amended Version

IAT makes thing easier

Find Style on Userstyles
Hit go as if to load into Stylish.
No need to save.
Hit advanced if it not already selected
Load into "it's all text"
Screenshot_-_28_10_2008_,_09_22_42.png - Picamatic - upload your images

In one fell swoop that will take all the text that appears in the Stylish Edit Window straight into your favourite text editor.
There you can do the "find and replace".
Close your text editor
(hit save if prompted)
You will now find yourself back in the Stylish window,
Then hit the Stylish Window save.
And all is done.

You will have edited the file before even it was saved into Stylish

This is a very elegant.


Another scenario

You are on Userlogos
You want to write a post

Screenshot_-_29_10_2008_,_00_31_23.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Have a careful look at this picture.
If one puts one's cursor inside the Edit Box, a little blue marker appears bottom right.
On it is written the word EDIT.
Click on that blue button, and yes you are immediately placed in your favourite text editor.
Compose the post
Exit you text editor, and all that you have written will appear in the Userlogos Window.
This is really great.

Works also in Personal Mail as well.


Kaelri ------ Firefox / Fast Dial Customisation


The following links are related to this great post on Userlogos.

Black with Ecqlipse 2 Icons

by Kaelri


Lifehacker Links

thanks to sjdvda

Lightning at Sunset
Aug 22 2008

Roll your own Lightning at Sunset Desktop
Aug 30 2008

Minimalist Firefox Goes Black
Nov 6 2008

From Mafi0z
Customise your own killer Enigma Desktom
Nov 15 2008

Share your enigma inspired desktops
Nov 17 2008 Related to the above post


Kaelri Flickr Links


Photostream Page Detail
Many Items 20+

Wing Detail
4 Items

Lightning at Sunset Detail
4 Items

Desktops Proper Detail
15 Items

Here are the individual Pages

Revelation (Ancient Desktop 2)
Early 2003

Nexus (Ancient Desktop)

Passion(Desktop 1)

Calm Before the Storm (Desktop 3)

Calm after the Storm (Desktop 3a)

Colors of Change(Desktop 4)

Aqua (Desktop 5)

Paradise(Desktop 6)

Ahnonay (Desktop 7)

Area (Desktop 8)

Holography (Desktop 9)

Reverie Desktop(11)
July 15 2008

Lightning Sunset Desktop (12)
Aug 19 2008

LS: Enigma in Rainmeter
Sept 3 2008

Clouds Desktop(13)
Sep 26 2008

Wing Desktop(14)
Oct 11 2008

Wing Final
Oct 12 2008

Wing Firefox
Nov 5 2008 (with Fast Dial)

Wing Firefox Followup
Nov 6 2008 (with Fast Dial)

Nov 9 2008

Wing: "Arcs" Legend
Nov 16

Fata Morgana (Desktop 16)
Nov 18

FM:Variations on a theme
Nov 26

Leaf (Desktop 17)
Dec 3

Enigma 1.1
Dec 31

Runners High (Desktop 18)
Jan 4 2009

dsngr (desktop 19)

seth (desktop 20)

desktop 25

Some Further Links

Flaws of Fancy Derek Prospero



Rainmeter Manual

Flaws_of_Fancy_by_derekprospero.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images

Launchy - Firefox Extension

Launchy-Firefox-Add-on.icon.gif - upload images with Picamatic-----------------Launchy------------------------Launchy-Firefox-Add-on.icon.gif - upload images with Picamatic

This is about Launchy the Firefox Extension / Add-on NOT Launchy the Windows Application.

Please see accompanying

Launchy Modules for Launchy.xml

which is a useful list of codes to build up your launchy.xml file easily.

Launchy is a Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape and Nvu extension.

To download Launchy please go here

On download please install the Launchy Icon on the Toolbar.

If you have autodetect enabled in Launchy
Screenshot_-_15_11_2008_,_23_56_22.png - upload images with Picamatic
the following Applications with be autdetected by Launchy if you have them Loaded already in Windows:

* Browsers:
o Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Netscape, K-Meleon, Internet Explorer, Opera, Maxthon, Crazy Browser, Avant Browser, Slim Browser
* Mail:
o Mozilla Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook, Pegasus Mail, Eudora, Lotus Notes, The Bat!, IncrediMail, Calypso, PocoMail, Forte Agent
* Media:
o BSPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar2000
* FTP:
o Total Commander, UltraFXP, WS_FTP Pro, SmartFTP, BulletProof FTP, FileZilla, FlashFXP
* Download:
o GetRight, LeechGet, Mass Downloader, Star Downloader, Internet Download Manager, ReGet Deluxe, BitTorrent, FlashGet, WackGet, Offline Explorer Pro
* Editors:
o Notepad, UltraEdit, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Composer, WordPad, Syn Text Editor, TextPad, EditPad Pro, Zend Studio, Vim, PSPad
* Image:
o XnView, Paint Shop Pro

Click on the Logo on the Toolbar and you will able to access the Launchy Options Menu.

If you have "select extended debug information" selected in Launchy you will be able to see in detail the process of Autodetection in the Error/Java Console

Screenshot_-_26_11_2008_,_19_13_41.png - Picamatic - upload your images

So you could see the following when you click on the Launchy Toolbar Icon and look in Launchy Options if you have those applications loaded in Windows:

Launchy-Firefox-Add-on_2.png - upload images with Picamatic

I have found that the enable ticks available in the Launchy Options Window work fine for items that are on the Launchy List. However it would seem that items in the Launchy.xml file seem to overide the disable in Options .

Screenshot_-_16_11_2008_,_14_18_24.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

If your program is not listed above Launchy allows you to add any Windows application, you wish to Launch in Launchy.

To do this however you need to create a custom Launchy.XML File

[Launchy.xml also works with other Operating Systems besides Windows, but of course the file paths are different]

To create a Launchy XML file please go here:

Create Launchy XML File here


You need to cut and paste the Output of the above XML Generator into a Text File Editor (Notepad is fine) and then "save as" the file as Launchy.xml into the Chrome Folder of your current Firefox Profile.

Please do this in UTF-8 and with save set to All files so that the file is not saved as launchy.xml.txt

Screenshot_-_16_11_2008_,_19_05_55.png - upload images with Picamatic

To check the exact location of where the Chrome Folder is, to place the Launchy.xml file, open the Launchy Options and click on Launchy.xml and you will see the correct location shown.

Screenshot_-_14_11_2008_,_17_08_51.png - upload images with Picamatic

To check how Launchy is interpreting your launchy.xml file, select in Launchy Options
"select extended debug information"

Screenshot_-_16_11_2008_,_17_24_26.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Then you can check if Launchy is having success or not loading from your launchy.xml
Please look in the Error console (Java) or the Jave Console

You should see something like the following:

Screenshot_-_16_11_2008_,_17_13_55.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

I have at last got the Launchy.xml File to work
This is an example of a simple working launchy.xml File:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

C:\Program Files\Editpad Classic\EditPad.exe

This allows you then to open the Windows application of your choice directly from Firefox

Once you have got a Text editor running in Launchy like Notepad, or an Editor of your choice, it is a relatively easy matter to modify your Launchy.xml file by adding or removing applications.

For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

C:\Program Files\Editpad Classic\EditPad.exe

C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe

Screenshot Captor
C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe

For your information:

label: The name of the application required
command: The full path to the executable for the application required
arguments: The arguments for the application optional
type: The type of application required. The following types are supported:

1. Browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox)
2. Mail clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird)
3. Media clients (e.g. Windows Media Player)
4. FTP clients (e.g. WS_FTP)
5. Download Managers (e.g. FlashGet)
6. File Explorers (e.g. Windows Explorer)
7. Editors (e.g. UltraEdit)
8. View Viewers (e.g. XnView)

You can use both %ProgramFiles% and %SystemRoot% and %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% in the command and arguments and they are substitutes with their appropriated values.

So you can add and run as many Windows applications as you wish
This is really great !

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_01_11_48.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Moontools running on the Fast Dial 2.14 Page, courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_10_27_25.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Home Planet running on the Fast Dial 2.14 Page, courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_11_42_58.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Outlook Express running in Fast Dial

This works really well and I find fantastically convenient

Non standard settings see launchy.xml modules
Screenshot_-_21_11_2008_,_11_50_29.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Quickly check your setup
CPUZ running in Fast Dial courtesy Launchy

Screenshot_-_01_12_2008_,_21_53_51.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Further uses of Launchy

If for example you are on a Web Page in Firefox, you can right click on any image and then open via Launchy in an Image Viewer like IrfanView for example

Screenshot_-_19_11_2008_,_17_45_28.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Launchy download from AMO here

Launchy Homepage here

Launchy Author here

Launchy Swiss Army Knife here

Launchy Feedback to Author here

Launchy Reference Page on Launchy Home Site here

Create Launchy XML File here

Interesting list of Launchy Bugs with comments from the developer here

Launchy Notes

Mirror Site here

Launchy and getright

I think getright loads automatically now

Launchy.xml discussion in German

Mplayer on You Tube with Launchy here

[for Linux]

Launching Safari from Launchy

Launchy.xml file for emeditor Japanese here

Amo review Page here

Launchy Modules for Launchy.xml

Here is a list of Modules that can be copy pasted and entered into an existing Launchy.xml File

All the Modules and examples shown here are for Windows.

But Launchy.xml will work with any Operating System.

But the file paths will be different.

Further modules will be added.

This is the overall modular structure of Launchy.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Other App
C:\Program Files\other app\other-app.exe

another app
C:\Program Files\another app\another-app.exe

If any of these modules don't work please check to see if the path in Windows to the application that you want to run, is the same on your machine

Please see parallel post

Launchy - Firefox Extension


Outlook Express is detected automatically in Windows by Launchy

However if you want to Launch Outlook in Firefox please try the following

This is not the standard setting, but the result is that you can Load Outlook Express in Firefox, check your mail and then return to Firefox.
This is most convenient.

Outlook Express
C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe

Rocketdock thanks to Mafia_Penguin

C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Rocketdock.exe

Editpad Classic

EditPad Classic
C:\Program Files\Editpad Classic\EditPad.exe


C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe


c:\Program Files\Moontools\Moontool.exe

Home Planet

Home Planet
C:\Program Files\Home Planet\HomePlanet.exe



Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor
C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe

Windows Media Player (creates error but will work)

Windows Media Player
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe

Safari for Windows

C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.exe

Editpad Lite

Edit Pad Lite
C:\Program Files\JGsoft\EditPadLite\editpad.exe



C:\Program Files\GetColor!\GetColor!.exe

Live Weather for Fast Dial!

It's finally here!

A cell showing live weather for any chosen ZIP code!

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

How does it work?
UserLogos user Mtlca401 sent me an application which he himself wrote, which can create a 300by225 PNG image file containing weather information for any chosen Zip code.

The package contains a folder of weather icons, a readme file, a configurator, and the application that updates the image and runs in the background.

Download Link:

The ReadMe text file contains information on how to set-up and use the "widget".
Contents of the readme:

Note: You may need to install microsoft .net framework if you don't already have it.
Link: .Net Framework 2.0

You only need to run the ConfigureWeather.exe

WeatherPng.exe loads and runs in the background as soon as ConfigureWeather.exe is opened.

Enter your zip code.
Select run on windows startup. Change the font color if you wish.
Change the update interval(seconds):
3600s = 1 hour

Once you are done configuring, Click Apply to preview your image.
Click Apply & Close when done..

The image will be created in the Fast Dial Weather folder, Weather.png
Use this as a custom image in Fast Dial.
Set the update interval for that cell equal to the one in the weather configurator.

NOTICE: On first run, you will most likely get the following error:
Just click "Continue", and it will never appear again.

Modifying earlier Extensions to work on a more recent Version of Firefox


Some earlier Firefox extensions, for one reason or another, may have not been updated to work on the latest Version of Firefox.

This is often very frustrating, as one may have found the extension very useful in the past.

Sometimes one can get round this problem oneself in the following manner:


The key to resolving this question lies in the Program 7-zip.

Please download here

Learnt about 7-zip from a helpful post by Mafia_Penguin here


The first stage is to download a copy of the .xpi of the Extension one wishes to modify.

There are different ways of doing this.


1. The most elegant perhaps is to use Mr Tech Toolkit.

Go to AMO (Mozilla Add-ons) right click on Add to Firefox and you see the option Archive XPI
Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_19_38_02.png - upload images with Picamatic

Once you have set up the Archive folder this is extremely fast and easy to do.
Thank you Mr Tech for this.

You may find on older extensions that the Mr Tech prompt does not appear on the AMO front page,
To remedy this click on See All Versions, the prompt will usually appear there.


2. Another option is to right click on Add to Firefox and chose the option "save link as"
Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_19_46_37.png - Picamatic - upload your images

You will then have the following prompt:
Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_19_52_43.png - upload images with Picamatic


3 A third option is to use Internet Explorer. As it cannot install the .xpi file directly you are offered the option to save the file. In some situations you may find this method convenient. It is not the recommended method.

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_20_03_54.png - Picamatic - upload your images


OK so we now have the .xpi


Modifying the .xpi

Right click on the file and select the following option.
Open archive

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_20_17_39.png - Picamatic - upload your images

What 7-zip is doing is helpfully offering us the option to view the files without extracting them.


What happens next is that 7-zip, again most helpfully, offers us the option to edit the install.rdf file while it is still in the archive.
Select the file (install.rdf) and then Right click on the file and select edit.
It is the install.rdf file that needs to be modified slightly.

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_20_25_01.png - upload images with Picamatic


Once we go into Edit mode and look through the install.rdf file we will find the following information

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_21_49_15.png - upload images with Picamatic

You can see the line which includes the words maxversion.
This is saying that the file should not be intalled in a higher Version of Firefox than the one mentioned.

This is the information that we need to change.

Modify the text
Here the maxversion reads 2.0.0.*
This could be changed for example to: 3.0.*

Only the integers need changing.

And exit the Edit mode

At this point 7-zip most helpfully gives us the option to update the file in the archive.

Screenshot_-_29_11_2008_,_22_21_22.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

Hit OK

And then close the Archive.

The .xpi file that you have left in front of you will have been modified

So you can now drag and drop it into your Add-ons and see if it works.

If you find there is a problem try re-editing the integer value.


The explanation here may seem rather lengthy, but you will find when you have done this a few times that it can be a really fast process.


So what 7-zip has helpfully allowed us to do is to edit the install.rdf file in situ, and allow us perhaps to continue using an extension that has fallen from grace.


Thank you 7-zip



Another approach to this whole question is to use Nightly Test Tools.
Please see this post by Mafia_Penguin

Using Nightly Tester Tools


My Image Here

Firefox Extension:

My Image Here

Home Page


Simple tool for replacing an image on a Web Page with an image of your choice


Change Google Logo

1. Right click on Google Logo

2. Select My image here / Load image here in context menu

3. Browse for replacement Logo on your hard disk

4. Click on open and you have a new Google Logo

Change the Userlogos Site Logo

Right click on UL Logo

Browse for replacement

Click on Open and and Bingo !

A new Logo for Userlogos

I have wanted to do that for a long time !

Also there is useful option to force resize.
And also the option to remove inserted image with remove option.
and also remove all my images from this page.

Very simple and easy to use program.

Highly recommended

Can also be used a little like Adblock Plus.
If there is a repeated image that you find tiresome on a Blog or a Forum, you can replace it with an image of your choice (a transparent blank image maybe)

However many times that particular image appears on that URL, it will always be replaced with the image of your choice. :-)

It is my experience that the Extension NoScript interferes with the working of My Image Here.
Please be aware of that.


This is a stub, simply so that it can be referred/linked to for Information


I have found using the extension Launchy that it is quite an easy matter to Launch Notepad++ from Firefox.

If you happen to like this Editor, you may find this quite useful

Screenshot_-_28_11_2008_,_00_33_51.png - upload images with Picamatic

Please see my Pages on Launchy as to how to do this here


About Notepad++

Download Notepad++ Page

Notepad++ Video Tutorial/Introduction


The below is taken from gmacri's post here

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL Licence.

Based on a powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size.

By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendlyness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.

Here are the features of Notepad++ :

Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding

Supported languages:

C C++ Java C# XML HTML PHP CSS makefile ASCII art (.nfo) doxygen ini file batch file Javascript ASP VB/VBS SQL Objective-C RC resource file Pascal Perl Python Lua TeX TCL Assembler Ruby Lisp Scheme Properties Diff Smalltalk Postscript VHDL Ada Caml AutoIt KiXtart Matlab Verilog Haskell InnoSetup

If you have a colour printer, print your source code (or whatever you want) in colour.

User Defined Syntax Highlighting

It allows user to define his own language : not only the syntax highlighting keywords, but also the syntax folding keywords, comment keywords and the operators.


For most supported languages, user can make his/her own API list (or download the api files from dowload section). Once the api file is ready, type Ctrl+Space to launch this action.


You can edit several documents at the same time.


You have two views at same time. That means you can visualize (edit) 2 different documents at the same time (screenshot). You can visualize (edit) in the 2 views one document at 2 different positions as well. The modification of document in one view will carry out in another view (i.e. you modify the SAME document when you are in clone mode..

Regular Expression Search/Replace supported

You can search and replace one string in the document by using the regular expression.

Full Drag ‘N' Drop supported

You can open a document by drag & drop. You can also move your document from a position (or even a view) to another by drag & drop.

Dynamic position of Views

The user can set the position of the views dynamically (only in 2 views mode : the splitter can be set in horizontal or in vertical).

File Status Auto-detection

If you modify or delete a file which opened in Notepad++, you will be notified to update your document (reload the file or remove the file).

Zoom in and zoom out

That's another fantastic function of Scintilla component.

Multi-Language environment supported

The Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew Windows environments are supported.


User can just click on the bookmark margin (located right side of line number margin) or type Ctrl+F2 to toggle a book mark. To reach the bookmark, type just F2 (Next bookmark) or Shift+F2 (Previous bookmark). To clear all bookmarks, click the Menu Search->Clear All bookmarks.

Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting

When the caret stay beside of one of those symbol { } [ ] ( ) , the symbol beside of caret and its symmetric opposite symbol will be highlighted, as well as the indent guideline (if any) in order to locate the block more easily.

Open Profile Folder

This is a fantastically useful little extension.

Can be Found on the Mozilla Addons Site here.

Open Profile Folder

to use in Firefox

Go tools/open profile folder

that simple !!

This extension is best for looking around.
It is possible of course to edit files, but as Firefox is still running there are of course still limits as to what you can do.

For major changes, I suppose it is still best to edit in Windows with Firefox closed. But for most jobs this is not necessary.

Still you don't want to cut off the branch you are sitting on !

Enjoy !

It is worth noting that for Example Fast Dial has a Fast Dial Folder in the Profile.

But if you go to the Extensions folder in the Profile, there is another Fast Dial Folder.

[email protected]

Similarly for Simple Mail

Pale Moon

Wikipedia on Pale Moon here

The Pale Moon home page is here

Pale Moon Release Notes here

Pale Moon Version 25+ for Windows XP here

Pale Moon Sumozi  here

Extensions that do not work with Pale Moon Version 25 here

Pale Moon review here

Interview with Mark Straver here

There is small windows utility available on the Pale Moon site,that copies the Default Firefox Profile to the default Pale Moon profile This process seems to work and is quite painless

I had Firefox crashing a lot and thought I would try All works just like Firefox (but without Australis)

I had come across this statement on the web:

Switch to Pale Moon.
I’ve just been FED UP with FF because of all of the memory leaks, etc. I've been running v16 forever because whenever I’ve tried to upgrade to newer versions, they’d all pretty much just crash after 30 minutes of heavy use, and not a single version of FF that I’ve ever used has ever fixed the memory leak problems. Not a single one. I actually installed a tiny batch file on quicklaunch so I could quickly kill FF at the point it’s consumed all of my RAM so I could then start over with “Restore Session” to automatically reload all of my previous tabs. After trying every “solution” to the leak problem, that’s the only one that ever did me any good. Apparently the arrogant tards at mozilla would rather tweak the UI to death rather than make a browser that actually works. They’re worse than even Microsoft because Microsoft has to listen to their customers sooner or later or go broke, whereas nonprofits can just drift along forever. At any rate, I just finished installing PM, including importing everything from FF with their little importer program, and everything went flawlessly, including all settings and the plethora of add-ons I use. The only difficulty was getting roboform attached, which I can’t live without. I did finally dumb around and got the roboform taskbar program to attach roboform to PM, which then worked flawlessly. It is, however, necessary for the roboform taskbar program to run all the time for roboform to continue to work on PM, but this is a very small price to pay to ditch FF forever. I've used PM for a week now, opening/closing/keeping hundreds of tabs a day, and I’ve been stunned at how much faster PM is than FF, as well as the VERY small memory footprint occupied by PM vs FF. Even after a week's HEAVY usage, PM has not grown beyond 1 GB, and even better, when I close tabs, ALL of the RAM is given back. Basically, PM is what FF ought to be. Even better, the genius behind Pale Moon, Mark Straver, has committed to keeping the PM UI fundamentally unmolested. I’ll be installing PM instead of FF on all of my client’s computers in the future as well! (BTW, ALL of the "recommended fixes" for the firefox memory leak problems are a sick joke. Not one of them works. And plugins DO NOT cause the memory leaks! Firefox does! How do I know? Because I switched to Pale Moon, importing everything EXACTLY like it was in Firefox and guess what? No memory leaks in Pale Moon! Oh, and I use Adblock Plus, Flash, Java, DoNotTrackMe, BetterPrivacy CookieCuller, DownloadHelper, Element Hiding Helper, IE View, ViewAbout, Visited, and roboform. So NONE of those is causing the firefox memory leak problems!)


Pale Moon 25 and Fast Dial

In Pale Moon 25+ the following Pale Moon Logo is visible in New Tabs, if the setting in Tools/Options/Tabs is set to a Blank Page



To resolve this matter, go to Pale Moon/Tools/Options/Tabs and set new Page to Quickdial Page
The Quickdial page is equivalent to the Firefox Newtab Page
This should resolve the matter


Thanks to Deva for drawing attention to this solution

This has all chaged since 27.7.0 as one can set new Tab to open on Home Page !!

Pixel Ruler for Windows

This is a great little Pixel ruler


Learnt about this from dk00111... here


Am using it a lot at the moment, and will post some pictures soon.


This is a Windows application
But it needs Microsoft .NET Framework (89.2MB) to run, if you have not got it installed.


You can run the program from a shortcut in Windows and/or from Launchy in Firefox.


Once the ruler is on screen it stays there.(until you ask it to exit)

So you can run any application you want and the ruler stays just where it is.


All the controls are on the ruler in little icons left and right.

Useful is that it can make itself tranparent.

And well many other things.

You can change the length of the rule, you can make it horizontal or vertical.

Seems to be pretty bomb proof.



A Ruler for Windows is an on-screen pixel ruler for your PC. It provides your choice between a rich wood grain ruler, or at the touch of a button, a clear see-through plastic ruler. As you can see through the clear plastic ruler you can even continue your typing under it. Special 2x, 3x, and 4x modes allow you to take a snapshot of your primary screen and magnify it so you can more easily measure between very fine points.

The ruler can be flipped horizontally or vertically, resized to an exact length or resized by dragging it to a desired length. You can click near a tick to have a measuring line automatically drawn at an exact location. The question mark button allows you to learn more about other features and functions. Version 1.1 includes various new functions, including keyboard controls to match ruler controls


This is a picture of the Pixel Ruler in Action

(please click on image to expand)

This is an image of Firefox/Fast Dial in Fullscreen Mode


Screenshot_-_05_01_2009_,_04_53_12.png - Picamatic - upload your images


Screenshot_-_04_01_2009_,_21_00_29.png - upload images with Picamatic


Posting images on UL using Picamatic

There are different ways of posting images on UL.

I use two methods using Picamatic

A) First method

1. Upload image to Picamatic
2. Select and copy this link

3. Paste whole link into UL.

This will give an image that expands if clicked on

Result example

zigzag.1.o.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

B) Second method

1. Upload image to Picamatic
2. Select and copy this link:

3. Go to UL Page
Left click on Insert/Edit image Icon top left of window

Then Paste in link from Picamatic into the URL field in the pop-up.

Click OK

This will give an non expandable image.
Here is an example

Good for smaller images

Screen Shot Captor (in preparation)

ScreenShot Captor



Video Tutorial
(Not for current Version)


I find this Program really excellent for making images of the screen.

It has many many functions.

I will outline here the basic functions that enable one to take a picture of the whole or part of the screen.


A quick tutorial on your first use:

1. Start Screenshot Captor and press the close button to minimize it to the system tray if it's not already configured to do so.
2. You should see a blue monitor icon in your tray letting you know it's running and ready.
3. By default Screenshot Captor is configured to capture the entire screen when you hit the PrtScr button, so do that.
4. You should hear a capture sound and see the tray icon turn momentarily red.
5. Your screenshot has now been captured and saved to a file.
6. Take some more screenshots if you like. You can try alt+PrtScr to capture only the currently active window, or right-click on the tray icon to select additional capture modes.
7. Each time you capture an image it is saved to a file.
8. Double click the tray icon to bring up the full Screenshot Captor interface. Your screenshots will be shown as thumbnails on the left panel, with the last screenshot taken already selected and displayed.
9. From here you can easily select a region and crop your images, add effects and comments, and then save the images someplace permanent (or drag and drop from the thumbnail display to someplace more permanent, or copy and paste the image to the clipboard).


I will describe with pictures what I find the easiest way to use this program.

The settings in the program are extremely complex and well outside the scope of what I want to show you.

The only settings worth making to get startede are the three here.

Screenshot_-_06_11_2008_,_23_55_03.png - image uploaded to Picamatic


To take a picture I use Fn (Function) and Prt Scr (Print Screen)


This is now a little tiresome because well like a camera it is not easy to take pictures of itself

Let us look at this screen

Screenshot_-_07_11_2008_,_00_11_23.png - Picamatic - upload your images

This can be broken down into the following:

scLabels.png - Picamatic - upload your images

Setting up a script in Firegestures to return to the Fast Dial page with a gesture

Thanks to this post by Userlogos member vince2010091 on how to set up Firegestures in Fast Dial, I thought I would put something together here for non Firegestures users.

What Firegestures does is that it allows you to make commands out of simple drawn shapes.

Once you get used to this, it is very quick and intuitive.

So download Firegestures from AMO

Go to Firefox Addons Page, find Firegestrures and click on Options:

And then Mapping:

Copy paste in this string:

Name : Fast Dial

Script :
const URL = "chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html";
const IN_NEW_TAB = true;
const IN_BACKGROUND = false;
gBrowser.loadOneTab(URL, null, null, null, IN_BACKGROUND, false);

Gesture :DRUL
(If you know of other Firegestures gestures please enter you own gesture.)

DRUL is a square drawn anti-clockwaise with the right mouse button held down.
So Down-Right-Up-Left
This can take a number of forms
But a small case b would seem to work, as does a 6.
This is the more complete gesture:

I have to say in relation to Fast Dial that this gesture is also very useful, as it removes tabs.

This is DR.
A Firegestures gesture to close a tab.
As Fast Dial is always there in the last tab, this is also a good way to return to Fast Dial.
No need to set up a script.
Here is the Gesture

For more information on different Firegesture Gestures, please see here

You can see which gestures have already been assigned by Firegestures, by examining this page in detail:

Enjoy !

As I use userlogos.org a lot, so I put this little script together

const URL = "userlogos.org";
const IN_NEW_TAB = true;
const IN_BACKGROUND = false;
gBrowser.loadOneTab(URL, null, null, null, IN_BACKGROUND, false);

Used the gesture DRU which was assigned elsewhere by Firegestures.
DRU is the shape of a U drawn on the page with right mouse held down
Works great !

So U for Userlogos... :-)

Also a gesture for Picamamtic

const URL = "picamatic.com";
const IN_NEW_TAB = true;
const IN_BACKGROUND = false;
gBrowser.loadOneTab(URL, null, null, null, IN_BACKGROUND, false);


This gesture (URDL) seems to work:

So can look like a box:

Can also Look like a P

So P for Picamatic !

So all this seems to work fine.
Firegestures is quite handy, especially if you work full screen.

Once you have Firegestures installed it is quite fun trying out different gestures and see where it takes you

Try drawing a circle (anti-clockwise, with right mouse click down).....
O (LDRUL) for ........


To download Stylish-Custom please go here

Came across the existence of ChoGGi's Stylish-Custom


It took me some messing around to get Stylish-Custom going
I found it worked however with Stylish Version 1.1.1 installed

This is ChoGGi's brainchild and is quite wonderful

Stylish-Custom has a whole lot to offer...

The most fun is excluding a Style from working on a certain URL
This is very useful and is a facility that I have wanted for ages

Please follow the description in the first link above on how to get things going

Oh and Midnight Surfer is a great Global Style
The best I have ever seenin fact


this long thread may be of interest too

Tab Effect

This was one of my favourite extensions

Used to work just fine on Firefox 2

Troubleshooting at the moment to work on Firefox 3

I will write this when I have resolved the problem



1 link

(alter the speed of tab effect


Notes I am working on just now:

If you are having problems with getting Tab Effect to work there is most likely an issue with your direct x or your graphics Card.

The best way to check this is to go to start > Run and type in dxdiag. Check the notes at the bottom of each tab and see if there is a problem. The display tab will most likely contain problems in its notes. If so install your graphics card manufacturer driver plus any updates for it directly from the manufacturer website. Once you have done this restart your computer and go back to dxdiag. Check the display notes and the driver problem should be fixed. Now check the Directdraw and direct3d functions by clicking the test for each one. This should now fix your problem.

If you still have an issue. Check the version of your Direct x in the system tab of dxdiag. If it says version not found then you will need to install direct x again. If after installing or you are having problems reinstalling direct x then go to start > run type regedit - go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT>DIRECTX

Right click Direct x and go to permissions. Ensure you select Full control for administrator and any other account. If your account is not there add it to the list by clicking add and typing your account name then click check name and add it. click ok

Ensure that there is a value for the registry Key data on the right. If not right click default and then modify. type 4.09.0000.0904 then click ok.

The final thing to to would be to right click the direct x folder on the left and select new > string value. Right click the version key that has appeared and modify its data to 4.09.0000.0904

You should now see your direct x version in dxdiag and oh yes Tab effect should work!

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus is a Firefox Extension/Add-on

To Download please go here

Tab Mix Plus homepage here

Tab Mix Plus is an extremely versatile Extension.

Once installed it seems more part of Firefox than a separate extension so seamlessly does it work together with Firefox

The question of Tab Mix Plus comes up in so many different contexts

Textarea Backup for Greasemonkey

Never knew this one even existed.

Would not be without it now

How many times have I had to retype a PM or a comment.

This little script helps with this problem

Download here

Need of course to have greasemonkey loaded

A little disconcerting sometimes, because you may see your last comment in a thread instead of seeing a blank box, so one may inadvertently load the same comment again

But one gets used to all that.

Saves a lot of anxiety and freezing tabs with TMP to try and not lose the page.

Remembers everything !

Gives the option to use or not to use the remembered text


Theft of about:blank by the Yahoo Toolbar

I have tried to use every instruction available in setting up Fast Dial on my system yet no matter what settings I use Yahoo Search always appears on new tabs opened. I just want the fast dial page to load on new tab or window instances but even setting it to use about:blank and setting the homepage to blank has no effect. Please advise!

I have not tried this, but the procedure seems self explanatory


Please also see this and other comments regarding one extension

"I found by process of elimination in my add ons, that the problem on mine was the Freeze.com NetAssistant Copyright (c) 2010 W#i Holdings, LLC,. All rights reserved. That is what was causing the issue on mine, though I found that I could disable it, but can not uninstall it."

You will also see references to possibly modifying about:config settings related to this extnsion

Once you have sorted this, fast dial should re-appear as normal.

Please let us know how you get on.

Using Abduction!

Download here.

Abduction! is a very useful screenshot tool within Firefox to convert a part of a webpage into an image.
It has the advantage that, unlike print screen, you can capture a whole web page, including where you would previously have to scroll and take another print screen and manipulate them together.

Capturing a screenshot using Abduction!

Right-click on the page you want to capture and select "Save Page as Image"

Then select the area you want to capture. It can be small:

or large:

You can easily change options for image quality and selection area at the bottom left hand corner:

Then simply save where you want the image to go:

And you're done!

Using FEBE

Using FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

The menu for FEBE is under "Tools". Once there, you will see

  • Perform Backup
  • Restore:
    • Restore Extensions
    • Restore Themes
    • Restore Bookmarks
    • Restore Preferences
    • Restore Cookies
    • Restore userChrome
    • Restore Usernames and Passwords
    • Restore Phishing Data
    • Restore Search Plugins
    • Restore Browser History
    • Restore Formfill History
    • Restore Permissions
    • Restore User-defined backups:
      • Febe Data
    • Restore Profile
  • Quick Backup
  • FEBE Options

To back up Stylish Styles, please see this!

Perform backup does exactly as it says:
It launches a backup of your profile.

FEBE1.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic

You can set what it restores in the "Options" pane in the FEBE Options.
When FEBE backs up bookmarks, it also backs up all of your Fast Dial data (URLs, logos, background, and placement).

Quick Backup allows you to back up individual extensions and themes.

FEBE2.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic

The green items are Themes, the blue items are the extensions, the grey items are disabled extensions, and the red items are incompatible extensions/themes.
It is possibe to combine all the checked items in to one installable XPI file.
When you have selected which addons you want to back up, simply check the box that says "Create single XPI" and click "Backup now", or just click "Backup now".

FEBE3.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic

Then, a conformation dialog box will appear in the lower right hand side of your screen. It will tell you how many things were backed up.

FEBE4.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic

Restoring a profile

  • To restore a full profile, go to Tools>FEBE>Restore>Restore Profile.
  • To restore a partial backup, go to Tools>FEBE>Restore, and select the type of information you backed up.
    • FEBE Options
      There are six buttons at the top of the FEBE options dialog.

      FEBE5.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic

      • Options
      • Directory
      • Schedule
      • Debug
      • box.net
      • Info


      FEBE6.JPG - Picamatic - upload your images

      This pane is the main options panel. It allows you to select a full profile backup, or just a custom backup. It allows you to choose what additional items (bookmarks, cookies, etc.) to back up.

      To back up your Stylish styles:

      Go to Tools>FEBE>FEBE Options
      Click on "User-defined backups".
      User.JPG - upload images with Picamatic
      Click "New".
      Fill out the information, and check "Include in backup". Click "Post entries and exit".
      The file you chose will be backed up, meaning if you selected stylish.rdf, it will back up your styles.


      FEBE7.JPG - upload images with Picamatic
      This pane allows you to choose where your backup goes, and wether or not it has a timestamp on it. It also provides an option to clear the directory before making the backup, and how many backups to keep.


      FEBE8.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic
      This pane allows you to schedule backups for your profile. It also allows you to see how your last backup went, and the location of your last backup.


      FEBE9.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

      This pane allows you to reset the FEBE prefrences. It also allows you to verify the extension directories.


      FEBE10.JPG - Picamatic - upload your images

      This option allows you to log in to a Box.net account. Box.net is a site where you can host your files.
      This pane gives you an option to log in to a Box.net account.


      FEBE11.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

      This dialog box contains helpful links, the version number of FEBE, and the e-mail to reach the author at.

    For more information, please see FEBE's homepage.

Using Firefox Persona images as Background in Fast Dial

I have been asked about the feasability of using Persona images as Fast Dial Background

How can I get the Themes picture as background in FD?

There is an obvious immediate problem with this idea
The size of the persona images is 3000px wide x 200px high

This is not really the shape of the fast dial background.

You would have to decide if you wanted to tile these images as background or find a large version of the background and use part of it.

please see here and here

Perhaps try as a test saving this persona image to your PC and then loading as a background image into fast dial: (click on image to expand)


Let us first see if you can see the image.
Best to tile the background.
You should then see a background made up of strips.

Once you have got that one working, you can play around...

(I have tested with this image.
It does work fine in tiled mode)

here is a gallery:

I thought I could see that when choosing transparent in FDs preferences. But this only gives me a white background. What am I doing wrong?

the background colour only shows when there is no image.

If you have a small image loaded as background in centered mode, you may not see it easily unless you go into tiled mode.

Using Gspace

Coming Soon!

For now, here is what I have:

Using Gspace

This article gives instructions on using Gspace. To get a Gmail account, please visit Google.

What you need:

A Gmail account

To access Gspace, either go to Tools>Gspace, or type in
in your browser.
gspace1.JPG - upload images with Picamatic
When you are at the Gspace screen, clcik on "Manage Accounts" at the top-left corner.
A box will pop up:
gspace2.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

Fill in your Gmail account. I will be using one I just made for this extension, [email protected].
gspace3.JPG - image uploaded to Picamatic
Click on the "Add" button. Then click on the "Close" button.
On the main screen, click on the "Login" button on the right side of your email address.
gspace4.JPG - Picamatic - upload your images
Gspace will log you in.
You can now select files on the right half of your screen, click on the "Right" arrow in the middle of your screen. That will transfer your files to Gmail. Beware that to download files, you need to use Gspace.

In the top bar, there is a button that says "File Transfer Mode".
Click on it to reveal:
File Transfer mode (For transfering files)
Player Mode (For playing audio)
Photo Mode (For viewing photos/pictures)
Gmail Drive Mode (I don't know, but it can be slow, and it is download only)

Using Picamatic

Picamatic for Image Hosting is no more


Not exactly an extension, but am posting here as well.

Picamatic is a free and very simple way to post images on Userlogos in your posts.
No advertising, no hassle, a great service.

Using Picamatic

If you go to Picamatic.com you will see the following screen:

picmatic.JPG - upload images with Picamatic

or if you prefer a darker screen (with one image upoaded)

picamatic.png - image uploaded to Picamatic

If you look at the Picamatic display you will see top left that you have the choice to either view the page in English or in Russian.
I do not speak Russian so we will look at the English settings only.

The suprising thing about Picamatic is that you are never prompted for any ID or password or anything.
And if you upload from a computer well somehow Picamatic remembers who you are, so that the next time you log on to Picamatic (on the same computer) you will automatically see your images.

However it is worth noting that if you need to use a different computer, that there is this option. See the Picamatic FAQ

Where to register?

You don't have to – you are already registered automatically. Click 'Save these images' after you upload one or more images. You'll get your persistent link (aka permalink) saved and sent to your mailbox. Bookmark this link and use it to access your uploaded images and photos anytime you want.

In fact if you do as this says and click on "save these images" you will see this prompt.

Type in the e-mail to which you will receive a link to all your images:

If you right click on the word "link" and choose "copy link location", you can then simply paste the "permalink" directly to your Fast Dial Cell for future use.

This link identifies that you are the "owner" of the images that you have uploaded.

This permalink is worth hanging onto.
For this is the only way you can lay claim to your images should you own computer fail.

Using Picamatic to upload your images.

Go to the Picamatic site


Click Upload on a free Picamatic cell, on the prompt browse to the picture on your computer that you want to upload.

Select the picture

Wait while Picamatic uploads the picture.

When this is finished click on Links (bottom right of the uploaded picture) and then you will see four Options.
I recommend that you click on "Copy Link" to the right of "Blogs", the second option from the bottom.

228613_407x405[1].jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

Clicking the "Copy link" means that the link is already copied into the computer, so all you need to then is to paste this link to your post.

And you are done.

This is an effortless procedure with Picamatic.
Each stage is made extremely simple for the user.
There is no advertising.
Picamatic, I think you will find, is a real pleasure to use.

Using ReloadEvery

Using ReloadEvery:

ReloadEvery is a fairly simple addon.
To use it, simply right click on a page:

Hover over the "Reload Every" entry and you will be presented with a list.
The "Enable" option enables ReloadEvery and sets the refresh time to whatever the selected time is.
The "Enable All Tabs" makes it refresh the page on all tabs at the same time.
The "Disable All Tabs" makes it stop reloading the tabs.

The "Custom" button presents a dialog box

Fill in the boxes, click OK, and the page will be reloaded as often as you want it to be.

This is useful for Sports news (OK, or making your entry on UserLogos seem like it has a lot of views!)

Using Rsizr.com

This isn't really an extension, but:

Using rsizr.com:
Step 1.
Select an image.
treepumpkin.gif - image uploaded to Picamatic

Step 2.
Go to rsizr.com.

Step 3.
Select "Upload an image". Browse to the file you want to retarget. Click "Ok".

Step 4.
Using the Preserve tool, select all of the details that need to keep their aspect ratio (Jack-O-Lantern).
Using the Remove tool, select all of the details that you want to remove (Tree, or maybe a person).
Made a mistake? Don't worry, just click "Erase" to remove the mistakes you made.

Step 5.
Select the retarget tool.
With the mouse, grab the arrows at the sides of the image (One on top, one on the left), and drag them as far as you want to shrink the picture. Don't want to shrink it? Do it anyway.
Wait for the red bars to flash through your picture.

Step 6.
Grab the squares on the corners and sides of your picture, and retarget!

Step 7.
Hit the save button on the top bar. A dialog box will appear to the right of your photo. Choose your settings, and click on "Save".

Step 8.
Enjoy your photo!

treepumpkin.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images

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