Full Profile Backup with FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

Details about Chuck Baker's Firefox Extension FEBE can be found at Mozilla Addons

Latest Version can be found there too

This is a useful tutorial by Chuck Baker


For a more General Introduction to FEBE on Userlogos please see here

Here I will outline how to set up FEBE to make a Full Profile Backup.

First go FEBE Options and select Full Profile Backup

It is also necessary to set up a Location where the Full Profile Backup can be saved to.

So First create a Folder and then Browse to it here:

I can recommend the date stamping and also to have a number of backup directories if there is enough room on your device.

Once FEBE has been set up to make a Full Profile Backup all you need to do to initiate a backup is to click on the FEBE Icon in Firefox

and the backup will start

To restore a Full Profile Backup in Version 6.2.0 please do the following

And follow the prompts