Live Weather for Fast Dial!

It's finally here!

A cell showing live weather for any chosen ZIP code!

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
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How does it work?
UserLogos user Mtlca401 sent me an application which he himself wrote, which can create a 300by225 PNG image file containing weather information for any chosen Zip code.

The package contains a folder of weather icons, a readme file, a configurator, and the application that updates the image and runs in the background.

Download Link:

The ReadMe text file contains information on how to set-up and use the "widget".
Contents of the readme:

Note: You may need to install microsoft .net framework if you don't already have it.
Link: .Net Framework 2.0

You only need to run the ConfigureWeather.exe

WeatherPng.exe loads and runs in the background as soon as ConfigureWeather.exe is opened.

Enter your zip code.
Select run on windows startup. Change the font color if you wish.
Change the update interval(seconds):
3600s = 1 hour

Once you are done configuring, Click Apply to preview your image.
Click Apply & Close when done..

The image will be created in the Fast Dial Weather folder, Weather.png
Use this as a custom image in Fast Dial.
Set the update interval for that cell equal to the one in the weather configurator.

NOTICE: On first run, you will most likely get the following error:
Just click "Continue", and it will never appear again.