To download Coolpreviews please go here

Cool previews works very well where there are a lot of images and you want to get an enlarged Preview.

So very good with the new Google image search

But also interesting to use with Fast Dial, as it opens not the Logo, but the URL that the cell refers to.

So in simple terms one can use Coolpreviews like a sort of active Fast Dial Preview.

For example you have the Fast Dial cell that is for Userlogos.

To the left of the cell and above you will see the blue Coolpreviews Icon.

If you click on the CP icon then not only do you find yourself in a sort of mini fast dial preview window, but the window itself is active.

This is faster than opening a new tab, and allows you to check quickyly how things are going in the site, and at the same time keep your Fast Dial page intact.

One can close the (cool)preview window easily with a click to top right close window.

The only shame is that the Coolpreviews window is unaffected by Pitaschio.

That is it cannot be closed with a quick click to the top of the window, and neither can it be made transparent.
Neither have I found a way yet to vary the preview window size

Good luck.

(If picamatic was alive and well I would have included some pictures)