After making a logo request - how to keep track of progress

I have noticed a number of users after they have made a logo request looking for their request on the site search.

This is of course one method.

If you click on your own name as a user, your profile will appear.

If then you click on TRACK this will list all the posts you have made.

This is the easiest way to find the thread where you made your logo request.

Another method is to look to the top of the Userlogos page and click on Logo Requests.

That will take you here.
It should be easy enough for you to find your logo request especially as the name of the poster is listed.

The place of choice to post your acknowledgement of a finished logo is in the original thread.
Voting on the logo is a welcome extra, as are comments on the logo itself.

If you cannot find your request, (maybe you have not looked for a while) you may find it in the Archive for unacknowledged Requests

That can be found here (new)

Or the archive for acknowldeged requests that can be found here.

A quick response after a logo is completed is most welcome, as it comes close to the time spent in making the logo, and the memory is fresh in every ones mind.

I see some users, after a logo they have asked for has created a whole lot of interest, pop by the site, look at the logo, and make no comment to anyone at all.

Good luck and enjoy !