How to remove "add to fast dial" from the main context menu in Fast Dial

I am occasionally asked if it is possible to remove the add to fast dial from the main context menu in firefox

(rightclick on web page and then in the menu "add to fast dial")

As I am of the opinion that this is the one most useful features of Fast Dial, I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to remove it.

(There is no way to remove in Fast Dial Preferences)

There is this way - using another Firefox extension.

download the Firefox Extension Menu Editor

once downloaded go to the options of the extension (in addons)

And deselect add to fast dial in the context menu
(show or hide)
Showing is a green tick, hiding is a red mark.

I have tried, seems to work

Not at all recommended !!!

I have noticed that edit menu has removed another item from the context menu without asking.
So be aware of this possibility

I have been looking at a way of editing out "add to fast dial" in the Fast Dial code itself in the Profile
So far little success..

many thanks